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Dr. Rebecca Hecht-Lewis, PhD, M.Ed. - Clinical Psychologist

For more than twenty years, clients of all ages have taught me about frustration, worry, sadness and striving to feel better. Working collaboratively in therapy -- with those who want to become happier and less anxious, who want to improve their performance, and who want to interact positively in important relationships-- we identify and increase patterns of behavior and ways of thinking that are most productive, while reducing unhealthy habits. Solution-oriented and cognitive-behavioral therapies allow clients to set and achieve their goals. As an experienced PhD. level Clinical Psychologist, working with clients of all ages, I have found that successful therapy is less about reliving the past and more about working together to make changes that lead you away from anxiety and depression, while moving toward optimism. Learning new ways to communicate with your spouse, organize your time, and ruminate less, can make huge differences at home, at school, and at work. My own goal: to help you feel more satisfied with your life.

Jane Carey, M.Ed., LCSW - Clinical Social Worker

As a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 35 years, I am certain that a sound therapeutic practice is based on the quality of the client/therapist relationship. My focus is on growing that relationship such that the therapy is guaranteed to continue beyond the therapy hour and into every day interactions in the client's life. This approach nurtures self knowledge, zeroing in on client strengths in daily relationships and dilemmas. Healthier approaches to problem solving including cognitive and behavioral work are amongst the tools offered.

In addition, I have been teaching yoga for 45 years. I am trained and skilled in meditation and relaxation. It is part of my daily practice. I share it with clients as appropriate and warranted. 
I have an ongoing relationship with a local church and participate in their pre-marital workshops. The majority of my work is with couples...pre-marital and beyond. The couples I work with leave with relationship skills that are practical and enduring. These tools are based on research and experience. 

With age and experience, I am keenly aware of the conditions and situations confronting senior citizens. This is a growing focus in my work. I am grateful to be a mental health professional and help people grow into every opportunity life offers.

Carol Frick, LCSW - Clinical Social Worker

Carol Frick, LCSW has announced her retirement from the practice of psychotherapy effective December 28, 2018. If you need or want to contact her, please leave a message on her voice mail at (703) 541-1288 or contact her at [email protected]. She would like her clients to know that working with them has been the privilege of a lifetime.



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